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Drake Help Me Through This

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why are you so against people writing about things like self harm in preferences if they haven't experienced it????
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because this is how every fricking self harm imagine goes:

boy: oh my GOD y/n you cut your wrists?!?! (point number one: self harm is not just cutting and is not just your wrists) I love u!! don’t do that!

y/n: oh my god I’m cured bc you, a hot band member, is in love with me! thank u! my mental state is restored !

Seriously, it’s how every single one turns out bc people don’t know what it’s like. And it’s not okay because it teaches people you need to wait for someone else to save you, or that self harm is a pretty thing and that it’s not a big deal. And that’s not true, people need to be told they have to save themselves and be their own hero.



i keep seeing the words coffee shop au without knowing what they mean. a coffee shop universe? alternate universe where there are coffee shops. friends, i have some good news for you about this universe that we live in

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“people who are sick don’t play video games all day”


“If you really felt bad you wouldn’t be on the computer.”


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